Trailblazers is our program for Bear Scouts.  It starts and ends in the same place as the Pathfinder program.  Trailblazers work to master basic camping skills so that they can become more comfortable in the Outdoors.



Bear Necessities

3. Make a list of items you should take along on your campout.

4. Make a list of equipment that the group should bring along in addition to each Scout's personal gear

6. Help your leader or another adult cook a different meal from the one you helped prepare for requirement 5.  Cook this meal outdoors.

7. Help set up a tent.  Pick a good spot for the tent, and explain to your den leader why you picked it.

8. Demonstrate how to tie two half hitches and explain what the hitch is used for

Bear Picnic Basket

2b. With the help of an adult, select one food item, and follow a recipe to prepare it outdoors for your family or den.  Clean up after the preparation and cooking.

Super Science

1. Make static electricity by rubbing a balloon or a plastic or rubber comb on a fleece blanket or wool sweater.  Explain what you learned.

2. Conduct a balloon or other static electricity investigation that demonstrates properties of static electricity.  Explain what you learned.

3. Conduct one other static electricity investigation.  Explain what you learned.

4. Do a sink-or-float investigation.  Explain what you learned.

5. Do a color-morphing investigation.  Explain what you learned.

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns

1. While hiking or walking for one mile, identify six signs that any mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, or plants are living nearby the place where you choose to hike.

2. Name one animal that has become extinct in the last 100 years and one animal that is currently endangered.  Explain what caused their declines.

3. Visit one of the following: zoo, wildlife refuge, nature center, aviary, game preserve, local conservation area, wildlife rescue group or fish hatchery.  Describe what you learned during your visit.

4. Observe wildlife from a distance.  Describe what you saw.

5. Use a magnifying glass to examine plants more closely.  Describe what you saw through the magnifying glass that you could not see without it.

6. Learn about composting and how vegetable waste can be turned into fertilizer for plants.

7. Plant a vegetable or herb garden.

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