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Welcome to the home base of Sea Scout Ship 940
based on Stillwater Lake at Camp Minsi


Looking to extend scouting beyond your troop or beyond 18?  We are recruiting.  

Check out Sea Scout Ship 940 by downloading the recruiting flyer    >>  here  <<

Ship 940 is focused on water-based high adventure activities, utilizing Camp Minsi's Aquatics Base and watercraft. Sea Scouts is an older Scout program for young women and men, ages 14 up to 21. Ship 940 meets twice a month for in-person meetings to learn new skills and work on the Ship's boat, a Chrysler Mutineer Sailboat, and a second time for a group activity. Trips are available to registered members of Sea Scout Ship 940. Perspective new members may join us for one time to see if a water-based adventure program, in addition to your Scouts BSA program, is for you. See below for Ship 940's online application so you too can join in the adventures!


CONTACT US AT: contact@ship940.org

FOLLOW US ON: Facebook group Ship 940

STAY INFORMED: Text @ship940 to 81010



Monthly All-Hands Meetings:
Our in-person meetings are the third Sunday of each month, from 4 - 6 PM. Unless otherwise noted, our Ship meetings and work projects are held at the Camp Minsi Ad-Pad (Camp Office) Staff Lounge. 

Monthly Officers Quarterdeck Meetings:
The youth Officers' Quarterdeck Meetings will be held immediately following the All-Hands meetings

Adult and Special Meetings:
ZOOM will be used for adult meetings and special meetings will use the following credentials: 

Meeting ID: 273 120 5160
Passcode: 940




NOTE: Ship 940 events are available to registered members of BSA and Ship 940. Trips require the presence of at least two, over 21 adults, including one female adult.



December 17 - "A Camp Trexler Christmas" 

Trexler Scout Reservation.  We will be attending as individual families, not as a Ship.



Build a Sailboat for ice lake sailing

  • Sunday, Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 4 from 1:30-4 at Trexler SR


Ice Boat Sailing and Ice Fishing

  • Saturday, Feb. 11 from 10a - 4p at Camp Minsi’s beach


Basics of Sailing...from classroom to water

  • 3rd Sun. afternoon, March thru June, various locations


Ship 940’s Sailing Fun Regatta

  • Saturday afternoon, mid-July at Camp Minsi’s beach



  • 2022 August - Tour of the U.S. Coast Guard's tall sailing ship, the US Barque Eagle
  • 2022 August - Sea Scout and Venturing Academy at Camp Minsi
  • 2022 April - Sea Base shakedown camping trip
  • 2022 February - IceFest at Camp Minsi
  • 2022 February - Ski / Tube at Shawnee Mountain
  • 2022 January - Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS)
  • 2021 December - "A Camp Trexler Christmas"
  • 2021 November - Prep work for "A Camp Trexler Christmas" rain gutter regatta supplies
  • 2021 October - 2022 Ports of Call creation and 2021-2022 Officers Election
  • 2021 August - Sea Scout Academy at Camp Minsi
  • 2021 June - Indoor rock climbing
  • 2021 May - Kayaking and advancement at Camp Minsi
  • 2021 April - Weekend Adirondack Camping at Camp Minsi
  • 2021 March - Hike Mount Minsi in the Delaware Water Gap
  • 2021 February - Ice Fishing on Stillwater Lake at Camp Minsi
  • 2021 January - Hang-out Session and Camp Minsi Service Project
  • 2020 December - Ice Skating Illick's Mill Park
  • 2020 November - Fishing and Service Project at Camp Minsi
  • 2020 October - River Kayaking through the Delaware Water Gap
  • 2020 September - Whitewater Rafting in the Lehigh River Gorge
  • 2020 August - Sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding on Stillwater Lake


Boatswain - (pronounced "B-Oh-son", like an SPL) - Chadwick B. of East Stroudsburg

Boatswain's Mate - (like an ASPL) - Josh F. of Bethlehem

Yeoman - (like a Scribe) - Devon W. of East Stroudsburg

Purser - (like a Treasurer) - Sam M. of Phillipsburg



US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 15-02 Representative - (sponsor) - Bob Conger 

Council Commodore - Arnold Traupman

Ship Commissioner - Jim Swain

Committee Chair - Clifton Bennet

  • Activity Chair - Chris Witty
  • Treasurer - John Young
  • Advancement Chair - vacant 

Skipper - (like a Scoutmaster) - Walt Witucki

  • Mate - (like an Assistant Scoutmaster) - Josh McDaniel
  • Mate - (like an Assistant Scoutmaster) - Nancy Riggins
  • Mate - (like an Assistant Scoutmaster) - Hannah Tatu
  • Mate - (like an Assistant Scoutmaster) - Frank Catena




Applications for youth and adults for Sea Scout Ship 940 are always being accepted.

- 2022 Cost 

  • There is a $50 Ship 940 annual dues for youth only, prorated as follows:
    • Returning members: $50 for the new year, 1/1 thru 12/31
    • New members joining 1/1 thru 6/30: $50
    • New members joining 7/1 thru 9/30: $25
    • New members joining 10/1 thru 12/31: No dues for the current year.
  • There is no adult dues?
  • There may be a BSA fee also if you are not currently registered with another Scout BSA Troop, Venturing BSA Crew, Sea Scout BSA Ship or an Exploring Post.

- Youth (14 up to 18) - Complete the YOUTH application form found here.

- Older Youth (18 up to 20) and Adults (21 and older) - Complete the ADULT application form** found here.

** NOTE: The older youth and adult applicants must agree to a background check and sign the consent form on the very last page of the application PDF, in order for the application to be accepted.

Scan or snapshot application and return completed and signed forms to:

Email: contact@ship940.org



What is Sea Scouts?

Sea Scouts, BSA is a program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women ages 14 to 20. A Sea Scout Ship (like a "troop" or "crew") is like a Venture Crew that is heavily focused on water-based action. This can be any type of watercraft on any type of body of water. It does not have to be a tall ship on a bay or the ocean. Most Sea Scout Ships are based around a sailboat on a local lake. The largest growth of ships is in the paddle sport craft segment.


What is Ship 940?

Sea Scout Ship 940 is the home of Minsi Trails Council's Sea Scout Program. It is open to young men and women, ages 14 through 20. If you are currently a member of a Scouts BSA Troop or Venturing BSA Crew, you can still be part of Sea Scouts BSA. Also, you can still work towards the Eagle Rank or the Summit Award. As a Sea Scout, you can also participate in the Order of the Arrow. If you are new to the BSA, you can just join the Sea Scout program.

While Ship 940 will be based on Stillwater Lake at Camp Minsi, Pocono Summit, in the heart of the Poconos, the monthly gatherings will be all over - where ever there is adventure. The Ship will pursue monthly activities on area lakes, rivers, bays and ocean. Since the Ship's sponsor is the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 15-02, Monroe County, we will have access to all the Auxiliary's youth-appropriate programs and also to nearby Coast Guard facilities, including the New York Harbor area!


Who are the adult leaders for Ship 940?

Sea Scout Ship 940's adult leadership team is comprised of:

  • Bob Conger, Chartered Organization Representative from US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 1502
  • Arnold Traupman, Minsi Trails Council Sea Scout Commodore
  • Walt Witucki, Ship 940 Committee Chairperson
  • Frank Catena, Ship 940 Skipper
  • Ed Schaefer, Monroe District Executive

You can reach us with an email to contact@ship940.org 


Want to take the big leap and be part of Sea Scouts?

Have an interest in any and all things water? On, in, around or under water? Want to learn more about Sea Scouts and Ship 940? Or to sign-up? Then, please send your contact information to contact@ship940.org and add "Interested !" in the subject line.


As an adult, how can I help Sea Scout Ship 940?

You can and the Ship needs your assistance! As with any BSA unit, we will need a robust adult committee assisting and coaching the youth in planning and executing their program. Assistance with specific skills, on and off the water, as well as administrative support, committee chair, treasurer, etc. will be needed.

As with all the BSA programs open to males and females, Ship 940 will need at least one, over 21, female leader in attendance at all activities and gatherings where girls are participating.


Is Ship 940 be part of Crew 940?

No. Ship 940 and Crew 940 are different units, with unique programming and different leadership. Crew 940 is part of the Venturing program, based at Camp Minsi, and focuses on supporting Camp Minsi, summer camp, and the three seasonal weekend programs. Ship 940, based on Stillwater Lake, is a Sea Scout program, focusing on water-based activities and boating safety. Given the proximity to state route PA-940, they do both share the same unit number.


How is a Sea Scout ship structured?

Sea Scout ships, like any BSA unit, have a chartered organization structure, and a core of adult leaders, led by a Skipper (Scoutmaster) and 1 or 2 Mates (assistant Scoutmasters), along with a Ship Committee (chairman, treasurer, etc.) Youth leadership also uses nautical terms for the leadership position names. The youth leader is called the Boatswain, pronounced "bow-sun" (like the Senior Patrol Leader). The lead Sea Scout volunteer at the Council level is called the Commodore. The Sea Scout position patches for the ship officers (youth) and the ship leaders (adults) appear below.


What are the advancement ranks in Sea Scouts?

Advancement is an important part of the Sea Scout experience. These experiences help Sea Scouts to set realistic goals to achieve rank, accomplish projects, and gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them. There are many opportunities for advancement in Sea Scouts. Included are the trails to Eagle and Quartermaster. Each of these trails is a highlight experience, but each requires the Sea Scout to set his or her own goals and follow through to achievement. The requirements for advancement were designed by Sea Scout youth to establish standards of performance for all Sea Scouts.

What is Stillwater Lake?

Stillwater Lake is a freshwater reservoir that covers approximately 315-acres (1.27 km2) in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania (just off PA-940, near the Route 380 interchange). The lake is one of the greatest attractions at Camp Minsi (a regional Scout camp owned and operated by the Minsi Trails Council) and provides a variety of aquatic activities to Scouts – including swimming, sailing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, boardsailing, and paddleboarding. Camp Minsi has a fleet of more than 115 watercraft including 21 Sunfish sailboats, a large Hobie Cat catamaran, a massive 30-person Voyageur canoe, and various other small watercraft ranging from canoes (35) and rowboats (12) to kayaks (31) to sailboards (9) and paddleboards (5).


Where can I find out more about Sea Scouts in general?

The official web home of the Sea Scouts, BSA program can be found at www.seascout.org.


How can I learn more about Sea Scout Ship 940 in the Minsi Trails Council?

If you would like to learn more please email your contact information to contact@ship940.org






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