Unit Membership and Marketing Resources


  1. Membership Tools
  2. Understanding The New Membership Fees
  3. MTC Membership Recruitment Calendar
  4. Invite Recruitment Books
  5. Den Leader Resources
  6. Social Media Playbook
  7. Promoting Your Unit 
  8. Recruiting Videos

The most effective recruiting occurs when professional Scouting employees, volunteer leaders, and parents all work together, share ideas, and leverage each other’s skills, insights, and resources. For professional Scouters, recruiting may be part of their job. For parents, it’s an opportunity for their kids to make new friends. And for volunteer leaders, it’s a chance to watch youth learn new skills, try new things, and discover new paths. Regardless of your role, the outcome is the same:

  • Scouting makes the most of the limited time we have to shape the lives of America’s youth.
  • We’ve assembled several assets you can use to grow your unit.  Need a different size or looking for something specific to your unit?  Contact your local District Executive for help.

1. Membership Tools

Information about online registration for unit leaders

Cub Scout Recruitment Resources

2. Understanding the new BSA Membership Fees

BSA National Council Membership Fees FAQ       BSA Membership Fee Info Graphic

3. Minsi Trails Council Membership Committee - Membership Calendar  

2021 Unit and District Membership Calendar 

4. Invite "New Friends" Recruitment Books 

Exploring Recruitment Book

Sea Scouts Recruitment Book

Cub Scout Recruitment Book

Scouts BSA Recruitment Book

Venturing Recruitment Book

5. Den Leader Resources

Den Leader Resource Center

6. Social Media Playbook

  • Social Media Playbook

    Social Media Playbook

    The BSA Social Media Playbook will be your guide as you use social media to communicate, recruit, retain, and inspire those in your community. Learn about best practices, recent trends, and the tools available to ensure your success.


  • BSA Social Media Guidelines

    BSA Social Media Guidelines

    The Boy Scouts of America has developed the following guidelines and policies to help you safely navigate the use of social media channels for your council or unit. These guidelines are a complement to the BSA’s existing Youth Protection policies
    and training.


  • Social Media Images

    Social Media Images

    Access high-quality branded photos, profile images,
    and cover images to share on your council or unit social
    media accounts.


7. Promoting Your Unit

To continue to be successful and keep growing, your unit must be visible in the community. Community newspapers want and need submissions. Most do not have large staffs, so a submitted article is a welcome assist. Scouting should not be a well-kept secret. Scouts in action should appear next to articles about athletic teams and other youth activities. Articles posted on refrigerator doors across the country help keep Scouting at the center of family activities.

Use these resources to help promote your unit within your community.  

Public Policy and Photo Refusal

Media Contact List (Organized by District)

Tips for Unit Public Relations

Sample Press Release

Crisis Communication Procedures

8. Recruitment Roundtable information: Growing your unit

Scout Recruitment 2020.pptx

MTC Recruiting Roundtable 08-20-2020.pptx


9. Recruiting Videos

Videos can be a power recruiting tool whether your audience is Cubs, Scouts BSA, Ventureres, or parents.  Visit our YouTube channel for more recruiting videos or Contact, Minsi Trails Council Marketing Manager, Al Blose at alista.blose@scouting.org for a digital copy of any of the videos you see here.

More recruiting videos can also be found on the BSA National Marketing Hub.

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