Merit Badges

Merit Badges are awards that Boy Scouts can earn by learning new subjects.  A handful of Badges are required for rank advancement, such as Hiking & First Aid, but most Scouts pursue the Badges that they are personally interested in.  There are over 100 Merit Badges for Scouts to explore, the possibilities are endless!

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How to Earn a Merit Badge

1. Fill out a Blue Card
Before you can begin working on a Merit Badge, you will need to get a Merit Badge form called a "Blue Card."  You can get blue cards by asking your Troop's Advancement Chair.  Once you have a blue card, you will need to write down some basic information on it and then get your Scoutmaster's signature of approval.


2. Work with a Merit Badge Counselor
After you have obtained your Scoutmaster's signature, you can contact a Merit Badge counselor to begin working on the Badge.  As a general rule, you will be responsible for contacting and scheduling meetings with your counselor.  You will also need to keep track of your progress for each counselor session.

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3. Submit Your Blue Card
Once your counselor has signed off on each requirement, you can take your completed blue card back to the Troop Advancement Chair.  You will then receive your Merit Badge at your next Court of Honor!


Additional Info

  • The Scouting Buddy System states that there must always be three or more people at a Merit Badge session.  This can include another Scout, a parent, or a friend.  A recommended strategy is to sign up for a Merit Badge with a friend from your Troop!
  • Blue cards can be divided into three parts, one of them is for your own records.  Be sure to keep your blue cards somewhere safe!
  • The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared!"  It is always a good idea to bring paper & a pencil to Merit Badge sessions.
  • A majority of counselors are volunteers, a courteous Scout would be sure to thank them for their time!


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